one year older and one more year's experience. So feel free to celebrate it as it's your day!

The cute animation clips in this template can display your photos in different ways, hanging from the top of the screen like pendants.

You can record your birthday party, or make a recollection of past moments, or make a warm-up slide show. Of course, you can also make a birthday video for your children since it is an important day for them. It's all up to you.

STEP 1: Add your video material

It's the most basic step.

STEP 2: Add your caption

When you add your caption, don’t forget to match your caption to the background. You can have to choose a suitable color for your caption to make sure that they can be recognized easily.

STEP 3: Set the effect

You can choose the most suitable effect fo ryour caption

STEP 4: Set the font, alignment and position of your caption

STEP 5: Set the start time and duration

Pay attention to the start time and duration, which must match the animation.

STEP 6: Preview

Last but not least, don’t forget to preview all of these settings to check if more adjustment need to be done.

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