A child is the hope of a family. All children are the hope of our world. Recording their growth tracks must be an amazing experience. You can record some awesome moments with your families by MovieZilla, whose easy mode is concise. Now, let’s see how you can make a video of children by MovieZilla.


Here are detailed guidelines.

Step 1: Select Easy Mode

Double-click the icon to open MovieZilla. You can choose your video aspect ratio and click to enter Easy Mode.


Step 2: Import Media Files

You can import your images and video clips by click the “+” button.


Click to select all files you want to import.


Then click “Open” to import.


When all your files are imported, you can click “Next” to continue.

Step 3: Select Theme

Now you need to select a theme for your video. If it hasn’t been downloaded yet, click it to download.



Or you can have a preview at first.


Having selected your theme, click “Next” to continue.


Step 4: Select Music

Here you can add back ground music. To listen to them, you just need to double-click the icon.


Or you can import a music file just as how you import your media files in Step 1.


There’s also a way to add your record. Choose the “Record” on the left, and click the icon in the middle to record your voice over.



Step 5: Preview

In this step, you’ll have a preview of your video. The instant preview window is on the right where you can see it easily. As you see on the left, there are opening and closing titles for you to edit. You can input your own titles, and have an immediate preview via the window beside.



You can even choose to keep the original sound of your video clips.


Step 6: Save and Share

You can save your video as different formats or save on which could be played on your device.


Here to rename your video.


Select export location.


Have a more detailed setting for your video.


Now you can click “Export” to export your video, or click “Edit” to do more editing under full feature mode.


These are the simple steps to make a video of a children theme. You can have a try and share your video with your friends.

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