MovieZilla is a simple but effective video editing software. You can record precious and unforgettable moments which happen in school by MovieZilla. Here we introduce you to make a school video.

The following is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a school video with MovieZilla:

Step1: Choose the Easy Mode

Open the MovieZilla and you can choose your video aspect ratio and click to enter Easy Mode.


Step2: Import Media Files

In this step, you can click “+” to import what you want to add into your video.


Then click “Open” to import your images.


Step3: Select Theme

You should select a theme for your video. If it hasn’t been downloaded, you should click to download it at first.



Having selected your theme, click “Next” to continue.


Step4: Select Music 

You can select a background music for your video now.


Or you can choose to import a music file just as how you import your media files in Step 1.


Step5: Preview

Right now you can add titles for your video. Titles are made up of opening and closing titles. The former one is placed at the beginning of the video and the latter is contrary. Equally, in the right square frame, you can click “play” to preview your video. If there’s something or somewhere you are not satisfied with, click “previous” to edit it again.



Step6: Save and Share

Here we come to the last step, you should name your video and save it in your computer. On the left list, you can choose the format or device. For example, if you choose “iPhone” in the device, your video will be able to be played on the iPhone. The button “edit” allows you to continue your editing under the full featured mode, where you can customize more visual effects and so on. If you want to upload it to YouTube or Facebook, just click “upload”.



After reading this article , you can make your own school video successfully.


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