Everyone feels excited when watching a Hollywood trailer. With strong beats beating your heart, scenes look much more powerful and enthusiastic. Dynamic images plus fast-paced music are usually used to present heavy fighting, enthusiastic sports, vogue trend and so on. Never be afraid of being unlikely to make a trailer-like video. With the help of MovieZilla, you can make it!

This video template can be advantaged when presenting street photos, fashion shows, brand conferences and so on. It is also recommended for you to show your outfit ides.

Step 1: Add videos

Open MovieZilla, and add videos you want to display.

Step 2: Add background music

Add music you have prepared.

Step 3: Adjust the order of your video materials

Step 4: Edit your music

To retain the necessary part of your music, you have to cut off the unnecessary part. And don’t forget to add a fade-out to the music.

Step 5: Match your video with background music

In this step, you need to do much editing to your video materials, such as splitting and trimming. It would be better if your video matches the rhythm of the background music.

Step 6: Add captions

Add captions into your video.

Step 7: Set start time and duration of your text

By setting start time and duration, you can edit your text more precisely.

Step 8: Adjust the position and font of your text

Step 9: Add Effects to your text

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