Are you bored of reading your album? No matter how beautiful those photos are, they are still after all. So why not choose MovieZilla to change your still photos into a video? With your favorite visual effects, background music and narration, your photos can be alive.

This video is a great example for those who want to make a photo collection. This instruction can help you change your still photos into a video.

Step 1: Add photos

Open MovieZilla, and add photos you want to display in your video.

Adjust the order of your photos.

Step 2: Add background music

Add music you have prepared.

Set the duration of every photo. Add fade in and fade out effects to the music. These two progress is intended to make sure that what you see matches what you hear.

Step 3: Choose a movie theme

Step 4: Edit text content

Edit the basic information of your video, including the title and the credits.

Add extra necessary text content.

Adjust more details of your text, including the position, duration, font and so on.

Delete unnecessary content.

Step 5: Set effects

lthough various transition and visual effects will be added into your video automatically when you apply a movie theme, you can still change them if they are not satisfying.

Step 6: Save your video

Preview your video and save it!

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