Colors in Covers

As we have mentioned, colors are everywhere. Have you ever thought about colors for your captions and words?

What color should it be? Should it be lighter or darker? What size should it be?

All of these affect your work. But after reading this article, you will be no longer confused.

Here we'll continue to talk about words with photos.

Seasons and Festivals

Some colors will remind people of particular seasons, and people usually associate some color matches with festivals.

For example, red, green and white will always create an atmosphere of Christmas.

While white is also a representation of winter because of snow.

And fruit always bring us back to summer days.

Yellow is the color of fall foliage, as well as fall itself.

Of course, spring is the season of flowers.

Title and Photo

Most of people will choose a photo as the cover of their videos on You Tube or other platforms. How to choose the color for the title?

White is almost suitable for all photos. When you don’t know how to set colors, you can try white.

Or you can choose a color from your photo, which will match it better.

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