Drones are becoming a new cosset of people these years. With these portable assistants, aerial shooting isn’t so difficult as it was in the past. You can take better videos on your own. While for those who are not familiar with these devices, how to choose a suitable one will be a problem which is quite confusing.

Drones are just like computer. There are drones with high-quality, complex functions and matched high prices. Such drones are not the ones beginners are looking for. The reason is obviously: they cost too much for a taste.


For those beginners, it’s not a bad idea to have a drone which can fly indoor. Because these entry-level trinkets are more bearable to impacts and their prices are usually more affordable. This article will introduce some drones suitable for beginners ,you can take it as a reference.

Whatever drone you use, the most important thing you have to focus is the safety, both your own and others’. These tiny fliers can be a great danger after their taking off.

1. Blade Nano QX2  


Blade Nano QX2 is economical for those who want to have a taste of drones. Although the quality of the videos it record is not very high, it’s really fun to have a first person view of the world from a different perspective. In addition, it also allows you to share the view with your friends.

2. Air Hogs Helix X4


It’s a really cute drone for beginners which is very easy to use. The punk paint also gives a feeling of deviation. The only shortcoming you may come into may be its noise. Considering its price, noise is a bearable flaw.

3. UDI RC U839


It’s cool, isn’t it? A little and dainty drone you can get one with an inviting price. The only you may have ti worry about is that it’s a little bit fragile. But we can still handle it. You can have some replaceable parts of this drone easily.

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