Pets are cute babies. Their laugh, their jump, their sleep, their energy, everything of them are inspiring us. But how can we take cute photos for them to remember their days? Try these tips, and your photos will get improved.

1. Try to shoot some photos of pets’ daily life

Sometimes you don’t need to think too much. Just take your shoot.

A sleeping cat is as sweet as a candy. Try not to disturb it.


Yawns are also cute. Don’t hesitate and lose your chance to shoot.


2. Take some dynamic photos

Such photos will give off energy.


Every day is a new adventure.


3. Try symmetry

Remember what we say about composition? Symmetry can be easily find in man-made things: buildings, bridges and patterns. This kind of composition can bring a feeling of balance.

And reflection is another kind of symmetry. Try int on your pet, and you’ll get surprise.


Sometimes we can try not to be dogmatic. Try odds.


4. Use trickles to frame

Take advantage of everything! They can help you to take a better photo.


We already have a square. Next is a circle.


5. Lower your level

Since we take photos of pets, why not shoot from their perspective? You will find this world different.


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