People usually keep pets; they can be a dog or a cat. Someone prefer unique and slow ones, so they keep a turtle, or even a lizard. But the most common pets are still dogs and cats.

However, different from people, pets can’t always pose as how we want them to. This makes it difficult to take photos for pets. But we can still make it.

These following tips will make it easier for you to communicate with your pets and take greater photos.

Comfort your pet at first.

To take photos for your pets, you shouldn’t be inpatient or anxious. Some pets may not understand what taking photos is. What you need to do is to comfort them before starting photographing. You can give them some strokes to help them calm down.


Capture your pet’s attention.

Pets are just like kids, who are easy to be distracted by anything they thought interesting. To have your pets attention and avoid their leaving shooting area, you can have someone else to help you. This one can be a family member or a friend who your pets are also familiar to. But you still have to minimize the number of people because too many acting human can be a great distraction for your pets. Another way is to take advantage of toys and treats to capture your pets’ attention.


No strobe.

Constant flashing, the same as too many people, will be a distraction for your pets. If the light is necessary for you, try to replace strokes with constant lighting, which will be more comfortable for both you and your pets.


Keep the background clean.

It’s OK to take photos in your home, and actually most people do this. However, keep the background clean is still necessary. It doesn’t means you can’t put anything in your shooting area. This tip just tell you that it would be better if you can keep the environment at least tidy.


Lower your level and position.

Try to shoot with a low point of view. As human who are much taller than pets, a photo with a pet’s perspective will be very attractive.


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