Step 1. Import Videos and Images

Just like how we start with Video Win Movie Maker, we need to open MovieZilla first by clicking on its icon or automatically launch it after installment. Then tap the “Import images and videos” button in the right of the screen to select media files you need. Having them all selected and click “Open” to import.

How_to_Edit_a_Video_with_Video_Win_Movie_Maker_06.jpgStep 2. Add Background Music

Different from Video Win Movie Maker, MovieZilla provides users with many songs of various genres. Now what you need to do is to decide which song you want to add as the background music of your video. You can also import your own audio files by clicking the “+” icon.


Step 3. Add Effects

Effects here contains more, like text, transitions, filters, overlays and elements, which could make your videos much more fancy and majestic. You add them by simply clicking on them.

How_to_Edit_a_Video_with_Video_Win_Movie_Maker_08.jpg How_to_Edit_a_Video_with_Video_Win_Movie_Maker_09.jpg How_to_Edit_a_Video_with_Video_Win_Movie_Maker_10.jpgHow_to_Edit_a_Video_with_Video_Win_Movie_Maker_11.jpg


Step 4. Export

The final step is to export your video. By clicking “Export” button, you can open the export interface. And here allows you to set some general details like formats, quality and so on.


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