Youtube has been one of the most popular social websites, where you can see many wonderful videos raging from daily life to specific science lectures. You can uplode your own video to Youtube as well.


Step 1: Import Videos&Images

Click the icon on your desktop to open MovieZilla. And click the “+” in the middle to import your videos and images here. They’ll be added to Timeline automatically.


Do some trim or split to your videos, as to provide better scenes. You can also adjust the speed or even the colors.


Step 2: Add Music

Next step is to add background music to your video. You can choose one from the list, or you can import your own one just like how you import your videos. You can drag the music to Timeline.


Edit your music then. You can fade it or trim it or speed it. Just do what you want to do.


Step 3: Add Text

Adding some illustrations will make it clearer and easier to watch your video. You can add your favourite style and edit the content.


Step 4: Add multiple visual effects

Here are a large amount of effects in MovieZilla, sorted as transitions, filters, overlays and elements.

Generally speaking, transitions can make your video clips transit more smoothly.


Filters can create different atmospheres.


Overlays are like photo frames.


And elements can make your videos fancier.


Step 5: Export to Youtube

When you finish all your editing, you can click the “Export” button and choose to upload your video to your Youtube channel directly.

First, you can edit the basic information of your video on the right. And then, click the “Youtube” button to sign in and upload your video online.



Finally, click “Export” to confirm your choices.


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