Today, online videos have been gaining more and more popularity, due to their convenience and frequent updating.

What’s more important is that everyone can share his or her life and content on YouTube. You can just post your home videos, or share a game commentary.

Then here comes the question “What’s the best video editing software for YouTube?” It doesn’t mean that you have to edit your video before you upload it. But it’ll always be better to do it, right?

Actually, it’s hard to give a definite answer right away, because everyone has different and personal requirements. As the old saying goes, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. We have to measure and balance many factors to find out your own answer.



We have one more video editing software here, MovieZilla.

Generally speaking, it’s great at video editing, containing a large amount of wonderful features. Titles, filters, transitions, overlays and elements, anything you can mention here allows you to do personal editing. You can import your own videos and music. You can use built-in openings and endings as well.

Comparing to Premiere Pro and Vegas Pro, MovieZilla won’t cost you so much. You can even have a free trial before you purchase it. In one word, it’s worthwhile.

Here you can learn more about it.

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