Add a Watermark

Watermarks can be your personal representation in the video. You can make the watermark cute,or funny, or just formal. With MovieZilla, adding a watermark will be quite easy.

Step 1: Import Videos and Images

First of all, you have to import your videos and images into MovieZilla.


And also your watermark.


Step 2: Move Your Watermark

The default position of you watermark is on the main media track. You have to move it to the overlay media track.


Step 3: Set Duration for Your Watermark

Set a suitable duration for your watermark. You can simply stretch it.


Step 4: Adjust the Size and Position

You can drag your watermark to adjust its position and size.


Step 5: More Edit of Your Watermark

Select the watermark, and enter the setting mode.


You can do more detailed editing here.


Step 6: Add More Visual Effects

You can add music, transitions, filters, overlays and elements.


Step 7: Export

Export your video.

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