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Edit text motion

The text motion can be divided into the move, the zoom, the rotation, the stretch, the fading and the marquee.

You can move from the left, the right, the top, the bottom, the upper left, the upper right, the lower left, the lower right to the center.

Fading in and fading out can respectively have the effect of making the text clear and blurred.

Rotation is classified into rotating clockwise and rotating counterclockwise.

Zooming which is usually combined with other animations like rotation, move and stretch scale the text.

The marquee lets the text slide slowly from the right to the left.


Step1: Import the video

 Click"+" In the dashed wire frame to import your videos.

Involuntarily, you will find it on the timeline and the upper right corner of the screen.

If there is music in the video, a pattern that demonstrates a fluctuation on the timeline.

Click the timeline and there appears the square frame with yellow lines.




Step2: Enter edit mode

 Click “T” to the front of the timeline. The blue line will automatically appear at the front of the timeline.

 To freeze the screen where you need to add text, click the play button.

It is worth noting that the blue line on the timeline will also be fixed.



Step3: Edit text motion

Change the custom text and edit the text motion and text style with tools on the software.


Editing text motion:

Click the blue text to change the custom text and drag the text with yellow frame in the video display area to your satisfied location when the arrow symbol can be seen.

Double-click the blue text box to enter multi-line mode.


Click the motion you want. Please note that the animation effect with “text” as an example will be displayed next to it when you pitch on the icon.


Edit the animation duration by manual input and several clicks. 

Click “OK” to save it. Preview the video and refined text. 


Tips: Select the motion and its animation duration, click “Save as preset “and name your own text preset, it will be saved in the Custom category in Text/Credit.



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