How to Change Language in MovieZilla

MovieZilla is simple but effective video editing software. As one successful product, MovieZilla takes many users’ fancy for its user-friendly interface coupled with wonderful audio and visual effects. From simple slide shows to professional cut, this video editing software can do all of your works. As a result, MovieZilla has become many ones’ first choice when they need to edit a video.

Now, MovieZilla can support multiple languages, including English(US), English(UK), Deutsche, Français, Italiano, Español, 日本語, Português, Pусский, Nederlands. Here we will show you how to change language in MovieZilla.

Step1: Open MovieZilla

Double-click the MovieZilla icon on your desktop and select “full feature” mode to open it. 


And you will see the main interface like this.


Step2: Change settings

Click “settings” under the “FILE” button.


Find “Language” option, select the language you need on the list.


Don‘t forget to click “OK” to confirm your change.

Step 3: Restart MovieZilla

You need to restart MovieZilla to let your change take full effect.


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