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How to Add Template on Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker Template includes education, business, weddings, subscribes, sports and so on. This can effectively save you time in making videos. With one drug function, you can make a cinema style video. 

1. Template Mode
 In the Windows Movie Maker, click "TEMPLATES" at the main menu bar.

2. Select a template
Choose a template to use, double click the template to preview on the right.


When you find the template that you want, drag it to the main video track.

3. Replace template

To replace the template , you can click the "replace" icon at the middle menu bar. It will open the browse folder, then you can find the video clip and replace it. The replaced video clip will auto keep all the setting, including  fading, color, opaticy and other parmettes.


4. Export Video

Click the export button and export the video.


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