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How to Adjust Video Color in Windows Movie Maker

Adjusting color, also known as color correction, is the way of changing or adjusting the colors in a video or photo clip.

In Windows Movie Maker, there are many ways to adjust the color of clips, including adjusting opacity, brightness, contrast, saturation and color temperature. 

Adjust a clip’s color

1. After adding videos to timeline, activate a clip by clicking it and then click the Settings icon ot the middle menu bar or right-click the clip and select "Edit/Fade .... ".


2.You can adjust the color of the video by dragging the slider. 


  • Opacity: adjust the transparency of a video clip, 100, it is completely opaque (visible). Decreasing opacity, it will become more transparent, and 0 is completely transparent.

  • Contrast: adjust the brightness of a video clip to make them distinguishable. Lowering the contrast ratio will make the colors look gray. Increasing saturation makes the colors clearer.

  • Saturation: adjust the intensity of the colors of a video clip. Lowering the saturation will result in black and white colors. Increasing saturation will lead to more colors.

  • Brightness: adjust the brightness of a video clip. Decreasing the Brightness will make the clip look darker. Increase the brightness while increasing brightness.

  • Temperature: adjust the contrast between warm and cold. Lowering the Temperature will make the clip appear cool (blue). Elevating the temperature will make the clip appear warm (yellow). 


3.And don’t forget to click “Return” to confirm your editing.


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