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How to fix export error in Windows Movie Maker

If you experience a long period of inactivity during the process of exporting the video or receive an export error pop-up window, please follow the methods below to solve the video export problem of Windows Movie Maker.


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Most export errors are caused by the anti-virus software of the system preventing the export process, so we recommend the following methods. 

  1. Change the export's file location.

  2. Add Windows Movie Maker to allow list.

  3. Disable the anti-virus software.

Method 1: Change the export's file location

Before exporting, you should change the export location to the non-document folder, for example, a new folder on a non-system disk. 


Method 2: Add Windows Movie Maker to allow list

Adding Windows Movie Maker to the allowed list of anti-virus software will help you export video without error, and we will use the avast anti-virus software as an example. 

  1. Right-click the tray icon of avast and select "Open avast user interface", or double click the avast icon at the desktop.

  2. Click on the menu and select "setting". openmenu.jpg

  3. Remove from the block :
    Select the "General" tab, and then select the "Blocked and Allowed apps" tab. You may get the list of blocked applications, find the Movie Maker application, then click "..." and select "Remove". 


  4. Add to the allowed list:
    We need to add two app to the allow list, quickvideo.exe and xmoviemaker. Exe, the location is "C:\Program Files\Windows Movie Maker". Click the "Allow Application" button, find the location of the applications, select them and add them to the list.



Method 3: Disable the anti-virus software

Right-click the tray icon of avast and select "Avast Shields Control". You can choose to disable it for 10 minutes or 1 hour, depending on your video export time. Windows Movie Maker provides an estimated time, which you can use as a reference.When the export is finished, do not forget to turn it on. 


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