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How to recover the video in Windows Movie Maker

If you encounter a crash of windows movie maker, a computer failure, or forget to save the project, don't panic. Use windows movie maker to restore your videos and projects through the unique automatic saving function of windows movie maker.

Here we provide 2 solutions. Before starting the recovery, please make sure that your computer is already in a stable system to avoid accidental loss of files again.

Solution 1: Use open recent project

1. Click the "FILE" at the main menu, select "Open Recent...".

2. It has the list of recent projects, you can find some project name with untitle_*, the "*" means the recent autosave project's count number, click with the biggest one, you can find the latest project.

3. Keep editing it and don't forget to save the project.


Solution 2: Find autosave‘s file location

1. The auto-save file of your project located here:  "\Documents and Settings\UserAccountName\VideoWinSoft\project\autosave\".

2. In the folder, has the list of date name folder, double click to enter your work date folder

3. Find the latest name of mproj's file, open it with Windows Movie Maker, and keep editing it and don't forget to save it.


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