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How to adjust audio volume levels in Windows Movie Maker

You can adjust the volume in Windows Movie Maker, or mute it.

Adjust volume

  1. To set the volume of your audio, you can select the audio clip and click the "setting" button.

  2. Adjust the volume by dragging the slider.

  3. Click "Return" to save your change. 


Mute volume

Select the audio clip, click the Eyes icon at the left side of the track, and when it shows that the eyes are closed, it mutes the audio track's volume. Click it again to unmute the audio track.

If you want to mute an individual audio clip, you can select its setting and adjust its volume to zero.

Adjust a part of clip's audio

  1. Move the progress bar to where you want to separate the audio and click the scissors button. 

  2. Select the splied audio clip and click the "setting" button. Drag the slider to adjust volume. 


  3. Click "Return" to save your change. 


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