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What is Timeline Tracks in Windows Movie Maker

The Timeline is above the stage in the Windows Movie Maker workspace. The Timeline contains layers and frames which can help you organize your media and control the time of your media. 

There are five types: the main media track, the PIP (picture in picture) video track, the text track, the audio track and the overlay track. 


  • Tracks  On/Off: Click the "Eye" icon on the head of the track, it will  hide or show the track.It will help you check the editing performance without deleting any media.

  • Mute Tracks: Click the "Speaker" icon on the head of the track, it will mute or unmute the sound of the media.

  • Link Track: Click the "Clip" icon on the head of the track, it will link the media clip at the main video track which the white box around with it.If they were linked when moving any media with it, it will be moved to the same position with the linked one.

Here you will see all of your media materials sorted by type and arranged by start orders. It’s one of the most important things you have to learn during your editing.

You can also zoom in or zoom out of it. Or even add more tracks to put more stuff in.

Add Tracks 

If you think the tracks are not sufficient, you can add more as you want.  Click the “Add Track” button on the menu.


And you can choose the track you want to add.


Remove track

Right-click the track, select"Remove Track" and it will remove the track and content on the track.


Scale Timeline

You can drag the white dot to adjust your timeline in order to fit your workspace.


  • Auto scale timeline:
    Click the "Double Arrow", let the workspace auto fit the whole timeline and it will show all the storytime.


  • Zoom out timeline:
    Click the “Small Movie” icon to zoom out your timeline.

  • Zoom in timeline:
    Click the “Big Movie” icon to zoom out your timeline.It can help you adjust the timeline to an easy-to-edit scale automatically.

  • Refresh timeline:
    Click the "Refresh" icon to refresh the timeline.It can help you clean up some issues with the timeline.

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