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How to Add a Watermark in Windows Movie Maker

Watermarks can be your personal image in the video. You can make the watermark cute, interesting or formal. With Windows Movie Maker, it will be very easy to add watermark. 

Step 1: Import Videos and Images

First of all, you have to import your videos and images into Windows Movie Maker.

IMG 4232.png

And also your watermark.

How to Add a Watermark in Window Movie Maker step1

Step 2: Move Your Watermark

The default position of you watermark is on the main media track. You have to move it to the overlay media track.


Step 3: Set Duration for Your Watermark

Set a suitable duration for your watermark. You can simply stretch it.


Step 4: Adjust the Size and Position

You can drag your watermark to adjust its position and size.


Step 5: More Edit of Your Watermark

Select the watermark, and enter the setting mode.


You can do more detailed editing here.


Step 6: Add More Visual Effects

You can add music, transitions, filters, texts and stickers.


Step 7: Export

Export your video.

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