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How to add mosaic in Windows Movie Maker

Mosaic is a video editing method, which can hide inappropriate or personal information by surrounding a range and then overlapping the images with completely different pixels in the range. 

Create mosaic in a clip

  1. In the timeline, select the clip or photo you want to add mosaic.

  2. To show the mosaic controls, click the mosaic button.

  3. Move and resize the frame until you are satisfied with the result, and drag the intensity slider to adjust the size and number of mosaic pixels. 

  4. To apply the mosaic, click the“retrun” button.

 Remove edit the mosaic

  1. Select the clip with the mosaic effect.

  2. Click the mosaic button.

  3. Click the “Reset” button to remove the mosaic effec, move and resize the frame to edit the mosaic.

  4. To apply the mosaic, click the“retrun” button.

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