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How to Add motion to video in Windows Movie Maker

The motion can be divided into the move, the zoom, the rotation, the stretch, the fading and the marquee.

  • You can move from the left, the right, the top, the bottom, the upper left, the upper right, the lower left, the lower right to the center.

  • Fading in and fading out can respectively have the effect of making the text clear and blurred.

  • Rotation is classified into rotating clockwise and rotating counterclockwise.

  • Zooming which is usually combined with other animations like rotation, move, bounce, fly and stretch scale the text.

  • Marquee let the text slide slowly from the right to the left.


Step1:Enter edit motion mode

  • Click the timeline and there appears the square frame with yellow lines.


  • Right-click the timeline and browse the options to "Motion.


Step2: Add motion

In the upper left corner of the screen, the interface for editing the motion appears.

Scroll  up and down to view motions and pitch on this icon.

  1. When you double-click the animation, the effect of the animation will be displayed on the right.


  2. Adjust the motion duration from 0.00s to 30.00s by manual input and several clicks above the abbreviated graph of the animation effect.


  3. Click "Apply to all" or "Random to all" button on the bottom .


  4. Click the "play" button to see the effect of video playback.


  5. Preview and refine the video.You can click "Reset" button if you are not satisfied with the current animation after previewing the video.


  6. Click "Return" to confirm it. 





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