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How to Add text credit and subtitle in Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker 's Text can be divided into Simple Text, Bubbles, Intros, Creative, Vlog and the custom.

  • Simple Text  can add begin and the end as the beginning and the end of the video,credit ,main title,subtitle and watermaker simple text.

  • Bubbles is a text bubbles with animated effects.

  • Intros can also be placed at the beginning and the end of the video in order to show the division of labour among panel members and to express gratitude to members.

Step1:select text type

In the column with text instructions in the middle of the window, click "TEXT" to find the text type.


  1. Find the text type in the top left column.


  1. Double Click the thumbnail of the text type and preview the text performance on the right.


Step2:Apply to timeline

To put the footage in the video, freeze the screen in the player to the place where the text needs to be inserted.


You can drag to any position to start your text


Step3:Edit texts

When you place selected on the timeline, change the custom text and edit the text motion and text style with double click the text at the preview windows zone.

At the top menu bar with some buttons to edit.

  • change the text color.

  • change the text scale.

  • change the text border/background & shadow .

  • change the text layout.

  • Preview the text.


Text editing element:

  1. On the left side of the window is the text style and animation

  2. The range of Animation Duration could be adjusted in 0.00s ~ 10.00s.

  3. Tips: Select the motion and its animation duration, click “Save as preset “ and name your own text preset, then it will be saved in the Custom category in TEXT.


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