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How to use autosave project in Windows Movie Maker

Autosave Project: 

Windows Movie Maker provides a strong feature "Autosave Project" which can bring back the unsaved project or the program crashed because it autosaves every 5 minutes.

Open the autosave project:

Click the "FILE", hover the "Open Recent...", it has the list of recent projects, you can find some projects called "untitle_number", where the bigger the number means the newer the project. Click it and you can find the latest project.


Find Autosave Project‘s folder:

1. Open the following folder, "\Documents and Settings\UserAccountName\VideoWinSoft\project\autosave\".

2. It has the list of "autosave mproj" project files folder, select the autosave's project's DateTime folder.


3. Open the project according to the time on the file name.


Set the autosave time:

The default autosave time is 5 minutes, you can change the time.

Click the "FILE", select "Setting". At the option of autosave, it can range from "1 minute to 60 minutes". Click to set it.


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