How to choosing output format of Windows Video Converter

After adding media files, the next step is to select the output format. The output format can be divided into video formats, devices formats, audio formats and popular formats in Windows Video Converter.


Step1:Click the information bar of one media file you want to convert format.


Step2:Click on one format type to screen the corresponding format.


Step3:Select a format and filter further based on the resolution and tone quality. The parameters on the bar also change accordingly.

Tips: The format in the “Popular” column is configured. The specific formatting properties are marked below format names.


When you click on the format of a media file, a few parameters regarding the media file appear for you to view and select.

H.264 and H.265 both refer to the standard of video coding. While ensuring clarity, H265 can save storage space and reduce the bandwidth of the network at the same time.


Choosing the right resolution:

Resolution is the precision of the screen image, which is how many pixels the monitor can display. The resolution of 160 × 128 means that the number of horizontal pixels is 160 and the number of vertical pixels is 128. Because the dots, lines and surfaces on the screen are composed of pixels, the more pixels the monitor can display, the finer the screen is, and the more information can be displayed in the same screen area.


Before you choose the right resolution, you need to be familiar with the original resolution of the video, and then save storage space while ensuring the quality of the video you are satisfied with.

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