Media information of Windows Video Converter

At the top of the screen appears an information bar when you add the media file.

This message bar can be divided into two parts:

The information of original media file on the left side of the arrow and the information of converted media file on the right side of the arrow.


1. The information on the right can be considered as the details of the original video before editing and converting the format.

2. The three information bars in the following figure correspond to imported video, picture, and audio.


The size, format, duration, and resolution of the media file are displayed on the left side of the arrow.


The information on the right includes the name of video and audio, duration, resolution, size, sound quality, and compression format.

It is worth noting that the imported picture automatically changes to a 5-second short video. You can click down and up arrows to change the video duration ranging from 1 second to 59 seconds.

41.jpg 41.jpg

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