How to Trim Video Clips in Windows Video Converter

Trim is to remove the unwanted from and cut down to the desired videos or audios clips.


Step1:Open tool

1. Click "+" in the middle of the window and select the media file in the window. The other way is to check the media file and drag it into the rounded rectangle in Windows Video Converter.


2. Select the media you want.Then click “ Trim335.png Tools” at the top right of the form to open the tool “Watermark”. Then it automatically jumps out of a window to trim the video.


Tips: If you add the audio, you can click “Trim” on the right side of the information bar.


Step2:Select reserved clip

After completing above steps, you could drag and drop the blue sliding icon on either side with the purpose of cutting the video or audio clip you are fond of. When you place your mouse on it, there is then followed by a two-way arrow.


And the white line that represents where the video starts to play will stop near the recently moved sliding icon in the clip you cut.



Step3:Preview and enhance

Click the "play" button to watch the video you cut from beginning to end. 


Finally click the “Save” button to end edit mode.


 And the time on the right side of the bar changes accordingly.


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